Are you suffering with aches and pains, and not sure why? 

Does your inflammation and bloating interfere with your daily life? Are you so confused by all the conflicting nutrition information out there that you're not even sure where to start? 

Missy Chase Lapine, renowned Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and New York Time Bestselling Author of The Sneaky Chef, will help you navigate the world of fad diets to learn what foods truly work best for you. 


As your health coach, Missy will provide the one-on-one personalized support, motivation and guidance that you need to achieve your wellness goals. Learn more here

kids & teens

Missy has been named one of the TOP 20 MOMS IN FOOD, and wrote the NYT Best Selling book on feeding kids with picky eating habits and food allergies. If you want your kids eating "veggies tonight, without a fight," Missy is your secret weapon!  Learn more here


Looking for ways to help your team members become more productive? Missy brings dynamic and engaging wellness workshops into the office to help keep your team healthy all year round. Learn more here

Chef Daniel Boulud makes Sneaky Chef Brainy Brownies with Missy

Chef Daniel Boulud makes Sneaky Chef Brainy Brownies with Missy

With Missy’s recipes, we have no excuse for avoiding all the delicious satisfying foods we’ve all been neglecting. She understands flavors and texture as well as any chef and edits her recipes for a healthy experience.
— Daniel Boulud, Chef/Owner, The Dinex Group

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