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With Missy’s recipes, we have no excuse for avoiding all the delicious satisfying foods we’ve all been neglecting. She understands flavors and texture as well as any chef and edits her recipes for a healthy experience.
— Daniel Boulud, Chef/Owner Dinex Group
As both a father and a chef, I can tell you that it’s sometimes easier said than done to get kids to eat right.   But I’ve got to say, the Sneaky Chef series makes keeping your kids eating habits on the right track not just infinitely more manageable, but fun at the same time
— Tyler Florence  Chef and Author
“Working with Missy has improved my overall quality of life. As a busy executive and Mother of three young boys, I was struggling with how to upgrade my eating habits and make small changes that would make me feel better overall. Missy was like a detective, working through everything from sleep to use of simple OTC painkillers. I learned a lot about food that I will use my whole life. Her style is collaborative and encouraging. Plus - we had fun along the way.”
— Deirdre Latour, NY, NY

I wanted to do an anti-inflammatory diet that was sustainable and asked for Missy’s help. She was a joy to work and her coaching was impeccable. She answered my deluge of questions and guided me with clarity so it was easy to follow the plan. The stiffness in my body greatly reduced within 2 weeks. After 2 months, I had another unexpected benefit: I lost 9 lbs and have since lost another 5lb.
— Nicole M., NY
Missy is a holistic coach and an intuitive support. In creating an atmosphere of positivity and safety she counsels the whole self.
I came to missy to get control of my eating health. I totally immersed myself in her philosophy while creating my own twists. I think she really liked that!
Her encouragement and guidance goes way beyond the food. It is easy to share your inner most thoughts, the things that drive you to and from what is right for your particular issues.
Missy is always there for me, as the little voice in my head, as a contact to reach out to, and as a friend who I hope will always be part of my life.
— Robin P., Tarrytown Ny
I felt as if Missy was always in my corner with me. Always there to give me ideas & shed some light. Talking twice a month was just enough to stay in touch but still give me some time on my own to try your ideas & see how they worked. She gave me permission to make mistakes & gave me praise when I saw the light come on!
This journey with Missy was way more personal for me than others. It wasn’t just about what I was putting in my mouth, but also about what thoughts & feelings that were hanging out in my brain. She helped me realize how food choices relate to the feelings I’m having. I feel lucky that my Pilates teacher told me about Missy!
— Rosemary R., San Diego
I actually lost the last five pounds on Missy’s cleanse and people are saying how great I look. I feel so much healthier and energized—and the plan really jumpstarted my body and brain into craving healthy food. It was a turning point for me.
— Charlotte F.
Giving up sugar seemed like an impossible feat to me, especially given the many temptations I had at the office. But Missy was so informative and resourceful and helped me realize that sugar was hidden in so many other foods I was consuming - way beyond office donuts and bagels! She shared her own struggles and helped me see a realistic plan to tackle my cravings and I felt better in ways that surprised me. Her solutions will stick with me beyond any other diet plan that I have tried.
— Renee S, NY
Before I worked with Missy as my Integrative Health Coach I had a nagging pain in my back almost constantly...........since working with her my pain has subsided and is contained and manageable.........her guidance and instruction is invaluable in continuing forward in my active life which includes tennis and travel..........thank you for everything Missy............
— Valerie D., NY
What we put in out bodies is reflective of how our bodies respond..........elimination of sugar, while not 100% probably possible and live a happy life, has deleted most of my knee pain and minimized my back pain...........when I started to look at the ingredients of food (not the food label) and saw that even Grey Poupon had sugar, I realized that it was in my foods much more than I thought..........I really felt I was eating “healthy”...........and realized that I was consuming much more sugar than was necessary..........Missy taught me and helped me learn about what to eliminate to maximize feeling the best I can possibly feel..............Missy you are such an amazing teacher, woman and an inspiration to me every day.
— Valerie D., NY
As you know I am not one to ever lose touch with important people. And you, Missy, have become very important to me. The connection I have with you is real. And through that connection, I have learned so much. But best of all I think that I have found a sustainable way to eat healthy, maintain a healthier weight and control those aches and pains that seem to creep up as we age. To do this all with compassion, understanding and wit is a feather in your cap. You are not only an integrated health coach but an integrated human being. Thank you for all the listening (and reading). For all your commentary. For all that you have taught me. And for just being you.
— Robin P., Tarrytown NY
Before working with Missy, I had a diet much higher in sugar and processed foods, and not enough home cooking. I’ve tried Weight Watchers and an infinite number of other diets, and working with Missy finally got the weight off – I lost 10 pounds in just 3 months of working together, without deprivation. Missy taught me about nutrition and healthy eating, cooking more, introduced me to new foods that I hadn’t tried before….all delicious!

I’ve eliminated diet cokes and artificial sweeteners completely from my diet. I’ve cut down drastically on my sugar intake and have eliminated processed foods. I eat many more vegetables, especially dark leafy greens. I feel much better, physically and mentally. I’m more energetic and my moods are better and more stable. I’m cooking much more and eating out less. I would definitely recommend Missy to anyone looking to feel better, lose weight, reduce aches and pains, and make sustainable, simple changes to their life!
— Genie, Tarrytown NY
I reached out to Missy on a whim, purely out of frustration and needing advice. From the very first email – Missy was amazing!! She is so caring, understanding, relatable, kind beyond measure and genuinely wants to help. I was so shocked  by how attentive she was and how eager she was to help me – she didn’t just give me a cookie cutter answer or hand me a book to read. She really listened to me and assessed our entire situation, did incredible research, sent me a personalized plan and followed-up with me multiple times. My entire experience with Missy was better than I could have ever hoped for! She was easy to get in contact with – very responsive to emails and spent over an hour with me on the phone for our initial intake conversation and always so, so kind. When I told her that my daughter’s diet previously consisted mostly of processed foods and chicken nuggets, I braced myself for judgement – that never came. She reassured me that I was still a good mom and then gave me a completely new way of how to look at and approach the situation. I am forever grateful for Missy and everything she has done for us in these few short months.
— Chelsea Carter, mother of 1
I wanted to find out how taking sugar totally out of my diet what would the effect be on my overall well being............
I had never thought of even doing that and thought I didn’t eat a lot of sugar, but when I started looking at the ingredients on packaging, I found that sugar is in virtually everything...........
The result was absolutely amazing..........I felt better than I’ve felt (and I normally feel pretty good) with fewer aches and pains, than I have in a long, long time.............Being a tennis player aches and pains go with the territory but the “no sugar” was really a relevation............
It was interesting to find out that even though I thought I was eating “healthy” the sugar piece is HUGE!
Missy brought a sense of professionalism and extensive knowledge to everyday, ordinary her caring about each of us individually stands out! It was absolutely astonishing how great I felt after the 5 days..........
Thank you so much Missy! The 5 Day Sugar Challenge was awesome!
— Valerie D, NY

My biggest struggle was pain from osteoarthritis. I wanted to investigate what foods would ease the inflammation in my hands. I had tried epidurals, prescription anti-inflammatories and over the counter pain killers. The benefits of working with Missy Chase Lapine were interesting in that they were both direct, as in learning what foods to choose that would help arthritic inflammation and in working with someone who puts such a strong value on the fact that each individual is different, requires different strategies for managing food choices and has different results from these choices. The emphasis on the individual and your willingness to listen and understand how important encouragement from a knowledgeable professional was to me. I experienced some alleviation from arthritic pain and some weight loss. I would highly recommend Missy! Proper nutrition has so much to offer and Missy is an excellent resource.
— Rosanne Ehrlich, NY
Went to the doctor this morning – down 13 lbs total, and both blood pressure and cholesterol are down as well!  He was very pleased that I was working with you and interested in recommending you to his other patients.
— Jeff R.
I honestly feel that this is the first eating plan of all the ones I’ve done (and there were tons) that I can follow easily, that I enjoy (including all the prep and cooking), and that seems to work. If I was a religious person I would say…God bless Missy Chase Lapine!
— Robin P.

”Missy is simply amazing. After her tips/tricks/ideas/helpful hints – we are making progress with trying new foods while staying within the confines of Emmie-Kate’s allergies. Missy took the time to hear me out, get to know the situation in its entirety and then tailored specific recipes and age-appropriate tricks to our specific needs. She had a completely different take on the situation and her ideas energized me and gave me an upbeat stance on what had previously been a defeating battle.
— Chelsea Carter
Moms and dads if you’re at your wit’s end trying to get your kids to eat healthy... well, fret no more!  Finally, it’s “The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue.”  As the mother of a very picky eater, the only way to get my son Josh to eat his veggies is to sneak it, and Missy’s recipes are not only creative and delicious, they are a lifesaver for this often over-worried mom.
— Natalie Morales, Today Show host
Missy provides mouthwatering options that get those much needed veggies in our diets!
— Devin Alexander, New York Times Bestselling cookbook author
“I’ve struggled with weight issues, portion control and sleep issues for about the past 10 years.   Missy’s knowledge of healthy food choices (especially organic), how certain foods may cause inflammations to the body, and how to eat well without “dieting” were life-changing for me.   Within a few weeks of working with her, my sleep improved, my knee pain disappeared, I was making healthier food choices, and feeling like I had more energy. In addition, weight was slowly coming off. I would highly recommend Missy Lapine to anyone who is concerned with improving their health.   She is a nutritionist and health coach who really knows how to help her clients get to their goals.   Thank you Missy!
— Linda B, Scarsdale, NY

You are amazingly good at what you do.  I truly appreciate every bit of support you give me to improve the quality of my life!
— Frank P.
The  benefits I experienced were first to be able to talk it out and express my concern without your giving me hard-and-fast advice, and to talk to someone who knows how to listen. I am close to my grandsons and to have someone understand the depth of my concern is immensely helpful. I would recommend your services to anyone who is having a hard time getting nutritious food into a family member.
— Patricia Russell grandmother of 2
“Missy encouraged me to make mealtime fun – which I had never thought of, in my mind eating was always just a “chore” that you did 3 times a day to sustain your body. I never saw it as fun or engaging. Missy advised me to get my daughter involved, get her a cute apron and a step stool so that she could help prepare her meals. She also suggested doing a “hungry dance” before eating to “get our bellies ready for food” – both of these made a HUGE difference with my 2 year old. She loves helping me in the kitchen and because she was part of the cooking process she is much more open to trying something she made, rather than just having food placed in front of her and expecting her to eat it. Meal times are no longer the struggle that they were.
Missy is a godsend and I’m forever grateful for everything she has done for us.
Say goodbye to fighting over greens and hello to healthier meals that taste incredible
— Brooke Griffin founder of SkinnyMom.comAdult Progams
You cannot believe how great Missy’s recipes are !!! My kids have no idea they are eating zucchini,cauliflower, wheat germ, tofu,spinach and more...Missy is genius. I laugh all the way to the dishwasher!
If I could meet Missy I would give her the hugest hug. Because without this book I would definitely not have the kids I have today.
— Tina E., Australia (mum of 6)
Thank you for helping us get our kids to love good food.
— Tanya P.